The first of prizes is good fortune;
The second is to be well spoken of;
But a man who encounters and wins both
Has received the highest garland.
Pindar (Pithian 1) 470 B.C.

At the junction of communication
and influence strategies

In Latin, Comes means travelling companion, associate, or member of the entourage.

Created in 1999, Comes is a communications company working at the junction of communication strategies and economic intelligence. Our excellence is in shaping identities to establish strong, long-term, public recognition.

Comes develops public recognition strategies for companies by implementing influence vectors. We create intelligent communication - with intelligence implying the comprehensive collection and optimized treatment of information.

Our objective is to combine analysis and pragmatism, depth and long-term effectiveness. We do it by providing a meaningful reference framework to the developed vectors by means of top-notch messages, different from conventional discourses. We enable an identity structure and influence the target market by observing emerging ideas, matching them with a current events perspective, and integrating these ideas with our client's issues.

For Comes, effectiveness is the standard. This is why, far from being limited to counseling, we guide our clients through a complete cycle from initial thoughts and analysis to the development of final communications.

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